BEAST Shares Their Chuseok Greetings and Plans

BEAST recently revealed their wishes and plans for Chuseok to fans and the public. Bowing politely and delivering humorous facial expressions, BEAST greets everyone in time for Chuseok.

What are your wishes for Chuseok?

Doojoon: BEAST’s growth and improvement, families and members, the health of fans, and world peace! Peace!

Hyunseung: To achieve brighter music activities and to grow more mature in music.

Yoseob: It’s simple, but the most important thing which is to wish everyone I love health and happiness.

Junhyung: I hope that we can be happy and healthy as we are now.

Kikwang: Aside from my mother, I wish for the health and happiness of the rest of my family and members, and that I can work hard and be the best in what everyone gives me.

Dongwoon :To those who know me and to those I know, I hope they can become happier than they are now as well as be healthy.

Your plans for Chuseok as well as Chuseok greetings for your fans?

Doojoon: I think I’m going to spend a joyous Chuseok with my parents and members. I now know how important time is in spending with your family and I hope that everyone can get rid of their worries momentarily to spend a good time.

Hyunseung: I want to have talks with my family that I haven’t been able to and to play with the other members. I hope that everyone can have a lot of conversations with your family, and spend good quality time.

Junhyung: To spend a happy time with family for the holidays! For those who aren’t able to spend it with their families, I hope you can enjoy it still from your heart!

Yoseob: For this Chuseok, I have the motive of eating a lot of my mom’s delicious foods and get fat. Just thinking about it…wow! It’s going to be delicious (laughter). I hope everyone else can also gather around with family and eat lots of delicious foods while having good conversations; hope you spend a warm Chuseok.

Kikwang: Always happily! Healthily! And eat lots and lots of delicious foods! Also, don’t forget to think about BEAST^^!

Dongwoon: I think for this year’s Chuseok, we’ll be able to be good sons at home. So don’t worry about us and have a joyous time with your families! 

Source: X Sports News via Naver

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