Which Idol Groups Have Been Successful Without Appearing on Variety Shows?

It’s practically impossible for idols to become famous without the help of variety shows these days. With so many idol groups out there, they all have to fight for media exposure to be noticed.

While difficult, there are a few idol groups who have been able to survive without appearing on much variety shows. These groups have managed to break the trend with their talents and charms.


Even those who are from big companies do get help from the variety shows and it’s hard for them to become famous without them. However, 2NE1 has seized the music charts five times already this year with the songs “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I Am the Best,” “Hate You,” and “Ugly.” It’s true that 2NE1 has firm support from the company but without the effort of the members, this would not have occurred. 2NE1 has not been on variety shows too much and even if they have, they did not benefit too much from them. This fact has set them aside from the other girl groups.


A group of 7, Infinite finally was placed first in a year and earned the nickname “Trend Idol.” However, compared to others who have gained first place in a week or two of their debut, Infinite is quite late.

Infinite debuted June of 2010 with the song “Come Back Again” and has shown their growth in skills through the year with the support of its fans.

Just as 2NE1, Infinite has not appeared on many variety shows. Infinite, however, have proved their talents with their songs and dance routine. This group has more meaning behind them since they are not from one of the major entertainment companies.


JYJ, comprised of three ex-DBSK members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), is the role model of having support of their fans. JYJ could never air on shows or other music programs supposedly because of their conflict with their former agency, SM Entertainment. Despite all that, their two songs, “In Heaven” and “Get Out,” got first place on a number of music charts.

Which of these idol groups would you like to see more on variety shows?

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