2NE1’s Popularity in Japan Continues to Grow

2NE1’s promotional activities in Japan are still in their early stages and already the hot quartet is gaining attention from the public and taking Japan by storm.

Just recently 2NE1’s multi-award winning song “Ugly” was used in a commercial for Japan’s “Sweet” magazine for the October 2011 issue. For those unfamiliar with “Sweet” magazine it is a popular Japanese fashion publication, which caters to women publishing mostly casual chic styles.

“Ugly” is a perfect fit for the magazine as it lures you to flip through the pages and thus gain a boost of self-confidence. Making readers realize that nobody is ugly.

You can check out the “Sweet” magazine commercial featuring 2NE1’s “Ugly” below:

This is certainly another sign that 2NE1’s Japanese career is ready to take off as their popularity abroad grows closer in magnitude to their popularity in Korea. Not too long ago 300,000 tickets were sold to the ladies’ first concert in Japan!

Best of luck to 2NE1 as they shout “Nolza” to the Japanese Blackjacks!