DBSK’s Yunho Wins Praise for His Acting on KBS "Poseidon"

Both Korean media and the drama’s production staff have praised DBSK‘s Yunho for his cameo acting on the upcoming KBS drama “Poseidon.

The drama’s production company, Annex Telecom, has stated that, “Amidst his busy schedule, Jung Yunho took the time out to take part in the filming of ‘Poseidon.’ Compared to anybody else, he possessed great enthusiasm and immersed himself into acting. Despite the fact that Jung Yunho is only a special guest for ‘Poseidon,’  he has made the first half of the story robust. Please show lots of love for ‘Poseidon,’ which is now being filmed at an intense pace.”

Yunho was initially in the main cast during the drama’s early stages, but due to schedule conflicts, he was given a guest role as Kang Eun Chul, a Marine Police Special Force member and leader of the tactics team. Filming for his scenes were held last August in Incheon.

Korean media has als praised Yunho’s acting. “Even though it was Jung Yunho’s first time wearing Special Forces gear, while he showed off a curious vibe, he also took special care of the props and meticulously put on the gear, paying close attention to this first filming,” local media reported. The media also talked about his work-dynamic with Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon, saying, “This time around, at the filming location of ‘Poseidon,’ both of them (Yunho and Siwon) worked perfectly well with each other and gave words of encouragement to each other. Even though this is only a special appearance for Jung Yunho, he showed off his enthusiastic passion for acting, raising the energy levels at the filming site.”

KBS’s new drama “Poseidon” premieres on September 19. Make sure you catch the first episode!