2NE1’s Chuseok Secret Revealed

2NE1 recently gave up their Chuseok holiday for work, but what exactly they did was unknown until recently.

Park Bom had released selcas of herself during Chuseok, earning praise from fans for her beautiful face and eye-catching makeup. She teased the audience, saying she was up to a secret project during the holidays, but didn’t give any clues as to what it was.

Sandara Park, who is helping promote 2NE1’s music through photos and mischievous comments as the group’s official publicist, recently revealed just what Park Bom and the rest of the group were up to. “Are you ready to take a look at our new video Japan? You’ll witness the coming of the most beautiful video, born of a lonely situation. Wish you could see the full version, but it can’t be released yet.”

Along with her cheery comments, Sandara released a still from the upcoming video.

The group started to shoot the video on September 11, and plans to complete it before their return to Japan on September 15. Along with the filming and Japanese promotions, the girls are being kept very busy. Not only are they releasing a Japanese mini album on September 21, but they are also scheduled to visit three major cities, Yokohama, Kobe, and Chiba, during their concert tour. Stay tuned for more updates!