Dance Portion of SBS “Hallyu Olympics” Introduces the "Male CL"

The celebrity lookalike contestants were not the only ones who received attention during the SBS Chuseok special, “Hallyu Olympics” that aired on September 13. During this special, 22 groups from six different countries competed in four categories, providing many enjoyable performances for viewers to see.

The first contestant for the dance portion of the contest was “Taiwanese Super Junior.” They surprised everyone with their powerful dances and extremely difficult acrobatics to “Sorry, Sorry” and “Mr. Simple.

After watching their performance, Shin Dong proceeded to say “Although I’ve seen many cover dance groups for Super Junior, I’ve never seen a group this good. To be honest, they dance better than Lee Teuk.”

The Taiwanese Super Junior performed not only Super Junior’s songs, but also miss A’s “Goodbye Baby.” In particular, one of the members fell into a trance of the pelvic dance and flustered the judges.

Tae Jin Ah went on to praise this group by saying “I want to sign them on with my company. I think the second Super Junior will be born. They performed really well without any awkwardness among them.”

Another contestant, Chris Koo, also gained much attention by performing Chae Yeon’s “Shake” and 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”.

Chris Koo mesmerized the celebrity judges with his flexibility and voluptuousness that were combined to create his great dance skills. Chris Koo also brought a smile to Tae Jin Ah’s face by doing the pelvic dance to Tae Jin Ah’s “Companion”.

Here’s a video of Chris Koo’s cover of “I am the Best”: