2AM & 2PM Body Training Secrets Revealed

Known for their buff and jacked bodies, 2PM and 2AM work out secrets will be revealed through SBS TV show. 

On September 14, KBS 2TV “Living Show” will cover a segment on 2AM and 2PM’s trainer, Hwang Jin Ho discussing the secrets and know hows to the boys’ bodies. 

Trainer Hwang revealed various habits and history about the boys: “Ok Taec Yeon works out at five times the speed and amount than a normal person would, and he concentrates on working out his chest area.” “The first celebrity I got to work with was 2AM’s Chang Min and then Jo Kwon quickly after. Jo Kwon wanted to overcome his naturally thin body by starting to exercise.” 

As a plus, on the same episode the secret to Nickhun‘s body, a commodity many fan girls drool over, and how 2AM’s Seul Ong and Jin Woon keep in shape is discussed. Trainer Hwang is also going to show his very own Sugar Zero diet.

Fans and those interested in 2AM and 2PM’s body secrets can tune in on September 14 at 6:05PM on KBS 2TV on “Living Show.”