Kara Members Discuss Possible Names for Their Future Children

Five member girl group KARA had a showcase for the 3rd Album on September 14 7pm at SBS Conference Hall and officially started their come back.

At this event, Goo Hara stated, “I talked to Ji Young about this before, but in the future if I have a daughter I want to name her after me and name her “Hari.” 

Other members were asked if they also had thought about naming their future children. Han Seung Yeon replied, “I haven’t really thought about it, but I think having an “Eun” or “Ji” syllable in the name would be pretty.”

Park Gyuri said, “I like one syllable names, but it would have to depend on what the child’s last name is.”

Nicole stated, “I don’t really know many Korean names, but I’ve thought of some American ones. Whether I have a boy or girl I think I want to name my kid “Autumn.”

KARA has started their 3rd Album promotions and is currently gaining attention for their new come back.