Hong Soo Ah Shows Off Her Legs at a Script Reading for Movie "Alice"

Hong Soo Ah showed off her lean legs in a black mini-dress, dazzling fans, in a photo tweeted on Sept. 13.

The actress tweeted Tuesday afternoon that she was, “Going out reading. I’m really glad ‘Alice’ is starting soon.” Along with the tweet, Hong Soo Ah posted a few photos of herself during her script reading.

She was cast in a leading role for the upcoming movie, “Alice,” a reinterpretation of the classic children’s book.

Although she was only going to a script reading, Hong Soo Ah dressed to impress, wearing a black mini dress with an asymmetrical hem, and a chunky necklace. Not only did her outfit garner attention looking as if it belonged on the red carpet, but so did the star’s shapely legs.

Netizens commented on her photos, saying, “She belongs on the streets of Hollywood.”