BEAST Celebrates Their 700th Day

September 15 is a very special day for BEAST and B2UTIES as it marks the 700th day since the boys’ debut! All across the world, fans sent in their tweets, congratulating them on reaching their 700th day, which is a very important milestone for any idol group.

Maknae Dongwoon wrote on his twitter, “I fell asleep early and only just woke up to find mentions congratulating us on it being 700 days since BEAST was born. We’ve only just taken our first step, so thank you so much for loving us this much. I won’t say much more, I love you B2UTIES.”

Kikwang said, “It’s already 700 days since BEAST was born, wow~ We were only able to come this far thanks to you, B2UTY!” Yoseob added, “Thank you, B2UTY. I promise to work hard so that you can go anywhere and proudly say, ‘I’m a BEAST fan!’ Kiss!'” 

Fans commented, “We hope that you guys continue to be met with success,” “I’m already proudly showing off you guys! Fighting!” and “So proud of you guys!” 

In related news, BEAST will be traveling to London with their Cube Entertainment family for a “United Cube” concert there.