[Recap] Heechul’s Last Radio Star and Boom’s “Sad National Anthem”

This Radio Star episode focused on Heechul now leaving for the military.

The theme of the guests was “recently discharged celebrities from the military” and miss A’s Suzy.

The recently discharged Boom and Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) joined the show. Kim Gu Ra opened up by making fun of Gaeko’s name which literally means “dog’s nose,” stating that Choiza looks like a dog’s nose as well.

As Suzy joined the show, Choiza was asking Gaeko if they could switch seats so he could sit next to her.

Boom could not conceal his joy and embarrassment. The trio stated that Suzy was basically a goddess in the Korean military.

While they were talking about Boom’s numerous love calls after being discharged, Kim Gu Ra mentioned a celebrity Baechu (Korean cabbage.) Boom asked why Kim Gu Ra kept mentioning his name, and in turn Kim Gu Ra asked if Boom knows Baechu.

Boom joked that Baechu came to visit him with his friends, Sangchu (From Mighty Mouth, but his name also means lettuce), and even Maneul. (Garlic)

The emcee’s all paused at this and told Boom not to make such unfunny jokes if he wanted to continue receiving offers from TV shows.

Gaeko also talked about how he recently had a baby. The emcee’s congratulated him at first, but then Yoon Jong Shin asked if Gaeko would ever change his name because of his son. He joked what if somebody asks the kid your father’s name, he would say, “Yes my father’s name is dog’s nose.”

Then they began to list all of the people that are currently in the military but are celebrities. Boom brought up Park Hyo Shin and made a funny joke imitating him. Park Hyo Shin didn’t have time to practice singing before he had a performance and he used the moment when the national anthem was being sung in order to practice. Boom exclaimed that it was the saddest Korean national anthem he has ever heard before. (Basically Boom is making fun of Park Hyo Shin’s type of singing, which people often say that sounds like a person is wailing or crying.)



Suzy was quiet throughout and the emcee’s asked if she was bored, because most girls hate talk about the military. Suzy honestly replied, “I don’t understand what they are saying.”

Then the guests were asked which girl singers or groups had the most popularity currently. At first Dynamic Duo talked about IU, but Boom brought up RaNia saying that the military nearly exploded. (He stated that it was a cultural shock.)



The show ended with Dynamic Duo talking about how they were asked by the Korean government to make a hip hop remake of a military song.