Who Wore it Better? Suzy vs IU

Miss A‘s Suzy and IU were spotted wearing the same one piece dress, but showed their own touches and originality to the outfit. 

During their recent promotions both idol stars wore the same striped sleeveless one piece. The focus of the outfit is a cute white collar and buttons that trail down the outfit. The pastel colored stripes on the outfit has an effect of making the wearer look longer and skinnier. 

Suzy was wearing the one piece during a KBS variety show “Win Win.” She added a fashionable thin white belt to the outfit defining the waist line, making it look more lady-like. Her long hair was styled into loose curls giving her an innocent look. 

IU wore the same outfit during a recent performance in the rain. As expected IU gave a cutesy look with the outfit on. IU did not accessorize with a belt, but made the outfit work as is while sporting an up-hair style giving a clean but upbeat air. 

Netizens have responded: “I think Suzy is prettier.” “IU made it work by being simple.” “Both are so lovely and cute, how could you pick.” “Both are angels in my eyes.”  

Who do you think wore it better?