Han Ga In Renews Contract With Her Agency

Looks like we’ll be seeing our beloved baby faced actress Han Ga In appear on television once again!

The president of Han Ga In’s agency J One Plus, Kim Hyo Jin, announced on Sept. 15, “Han Ga In has recently decided to renew the exclusive contract that expired before. She will maintain this contract with us.”

The reason for her renewal is because she “really trusts the agency”. Kim Hyo Jin added, “She likes how the agency allows the actor to select their own works and acting direction. She had this in mind when making her decision.”

However, there is another reason why Han Ga In is re-making a contract with J One Plus. In 2009, she received extensive support from the agency in various aspects . Rather than simply having an agency to actor relationship, they have a deep bond.

When Han Ga In’s contract with J One Plus expired, she received numerous calls from other agencies. It was her faith and trust in J One Plus that paved the way for another contract. A representative from the company said, “She’s showed a lot of trust and faith in us through our sincere friendship.” Another person added, “She’s enthusiastic and is determined to put her best into her work. Fans and the public should be prepared for a masterpiece that will be coming out soon.”

On another note, in August of 2010, Han Ga In held promotions all throughout Asia for the drama “Bad Guy”, gaining fans from nations all over.

When will she appear again on the big screen?