Will MBC "Golden Fishery" Move on Without Kang Ho Dong?

MBC’s “Golden Fishery’s” Chief Producer Won Man Shik has begun talking about the future of “Golden Fishery” without Kang Ho Dong.

Won Man Shik stated on September 16, “Currently we are discussing whether we need to find a new emcee or just get rid of Kang Ho Dong’s corner and make a new one. However, ‘Radio Star’ will not become the main corner.”

Currently, all of the big three broadcasting companies (SBS, KBS, and MBC) are all in a state of confusion because of Kang Ho Dong’s temporary retirement. MBC is especially in red alert because of “Golden Fishery.”

Knee Slap Guru” currently has enough film to last till the first week of October. There is still an episode that was already filmed on August 31 that features the CEO of Iconix (The maker of the popular animation “Pororo”) Choi Jong Il. Who could possibly replace Kang Ho Dong as the “Knee Slap Guru”?