‎[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Sept. 17th Episode

Nichkhun♡Victoria : Our happy times

Nichkhun – Victoria Couple has received their mission “Their fantasy marriage has come to an end.” Nichkhun is by himself at their newlyweds house and is preparing a last gift for Victoria. For the last day of their marriage, in an effort to leave behind happy memories with wife Victoria, he plans a surprise party with help from badminton athlete Lee Yong Dae and the f(x) members.

While hiding the fact that today is the last day, they have a “Khuntoria 456” party with their best friends! What will Victoria’s response be when she receives the last gift that Husband Nichkhun has prepared? Meanwhile, Khuntoria couple go to the 63 building where the two of them first met. They decide to ride the elevator and meet at the top floor like they did during their first meeting but the moment that the elevator door opens, Nichkhun sees Victoria and is extremely surprised, what was the reason for that?

What will Khuntoria Couple’s last lovely meeting be like?


Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : The difference between an MT and boot camp

Woo-Jung couple have gone to an MT in Gangwon Province Injae together with their University friends. At Gangwon Province, Eun Jung’s best friend and beautiful female member Yang Ji Won joins them. The 3 couples(?) that are overflowing with personality, what will their dizzying zip line experience be like? 

Afterwards, the party goes to ride the amphibious vehicle to ride across the rough off road track they decide to split up and ride as Eun Jung Team Vs Ji Won Team. Eun Jung, who causes the guys to become really nervous Vs Ji Won’s driving skills. Woo-Jung Couple and friend’s MT is gradually turning into a boot camp, what will the sight of this be?


David♡Ri Sae : David-Sae Couple’s Last Race

It’s finally the day of the “Idol Star Athletics Championship”! They arrive at the stadium early to warm up their bodies and they each scream out fighting but…. What events will David and Ri Sae compete in today? Will the special training they received from their special coaches Dong Jun and Kwang Hee have any effect?

David – Ri Sae couple focuses on the event with a nervous heart. How will the couple cheer for each other in each of their events? The couple resolved to at least not come last, what will the results of the events be? And after the events are over, what is the David-Sae couple’s special race that occurred?

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