KBS Music Bank 09.16.2011

Kara‘s “Step” ranked number one on the K-Chart. These girls are on a roll with their second win this week. Their dancing shoes have brought them center stage. 

Kara marches their way into their second comeback of the week.”Step” up to the plate, girls! Ballad king Sung Si Kyung and duo 45RPM returned to the stage with their first love music, while B1A4 aimed at fans hearts. Huk Gak and Twi-Light debuted with greetings full of longing.

The following artists stepped up their game on the stage today: Sweet Revenge, Bella, Shin Go Eun, Crispy Crunch, Witches, Piggy Dolls, CS Numbers, Lee Ji Young, U-KISS, Davichi, Suki, Nine Muses, Chocolat and G.NA

Kara’s Winning Moment

Kara– Date

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

Sung Si Kyung – Oh My Goddess + Even Now

G.NA – Top Girl 

U-KISS – Neverland 

Nine Muses – Figaro 

45RPM – This Is Love

CS Numbers – Cry Out With My Heart 

B1A4 – Beautiful Target

APRIL KISS – Hello Bus

Huh Gak – Hello


Crispy Crunch ft. Sori – Thumbs Up 

Chocolat – Syndrome

Kara Backstage


Credits: WStarNews and UnknownCarrot180 

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