Song Ji Hyo Rushed to Emergency Room

Actress Song Ji Hyo was rushed to the hospital after an allergic reaction to IV fluids. 

Song Ji Hyo is currently sustaining a busy schedule with filming for MBC drama “Gye Baek,” and has had to travel to four different parts of the country for filming. Recently when she came back to Seoul, she negatively reacted to IV fluids she received. 

One of Song Ji Hyo’s representatives stated, “Before coming up to Seoul, Song Ji Hyo wasn’t able to sleep but four hours for three days, so on September 16 she decided to receive IV fluids in order to revitalize for filming the next day on September 17. She has had a known allergy to medicines before, however, there was little choice for Song Ji Hyo’s deteriorating state and decided to depend on IV fluids for some strength.”  

Song Ji Hyo is currently busy making regular appearances on “Running Man” and filming for drama “Gye Baek.” 

Hmmm, not sure what everyone else is thinking, but after the whole Han Ye Seul ordeal, this incident rings a bell about the issue on poor working conditions for actors and actresses.