BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Celebrates His 900th Day Since Debut

It’s a busy month for B2UTIES with many things to celebrate! Just a couple of days ago, fans celebrated BEAST‘s 700th day since their debut. Well, today calls for another celebration as it’s also member Kikwang‘s 900th day since his solo debut!

Dedicated fans probably already know by now, but for those that don’t, Kikwang debuted back in April of 2009 under the stage name AJ as a talented soloist. He later joined BEAST in time for their formal debut as a group. 

On his Twitter, Kikwang thanked fans for their unending support by writing, “I just realized that it’s been 900 days since my debut. Time really does fly fast, doesn’t it? To all my fans that continue to give me their love and support, thank you so much. It’s because of you that I can be strong and continue to work hard. Please give BEAST your love! B2UTY! A thousand years! Ten thousand years! Forever! I love you! Poof~” 

Congratulations to both BEAST and Kikwang!