New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 September Week 3

Super Junior Vol. 5 – A-Cha: Mr. Simple Repack (Sept. 21)

02 A-CHA
03 Mr. Simple
04 Oops!! Feat. F(x)
05 A Day
06 Andante
07 Opera
08 Be My Girl
09 Walkin’
10 Storm
11 Good Friends
12 Feels Good
13 Memories
14 Sunflower
15 White Christmas
16 Y
17 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

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Super Junior, who has recently released its fifth studio album, “Mr. Simple” has returned with a repackaged album. There are a total of seventeen tracks, thirteen of which were already released as well as four new songs. One new number is “A-CHA”, a powerful dance number with a rock base and electro house rhythms. “Oops” on the other hand was composed by hit maker, Hitchhiker and Super Junior members Eeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk took part in the rap making. The remaining two new tracks are “Adante” which was co-composed by Eeteuk and Super Junior M’s Henry and “A Day”, a pop ballad.


B1A4 – It B1A4 (released)

01 Beautiful Target
02 My Love
03 Chu Chu Chu
04 Wonderful Tonight
05 Fooool
06 Beautiful Target (Inst.)

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Rookie group, B1A4 who debuted in April with “OK” and “Learned Only the Bad Things’ makes a comeback this month with a second mini-album. The title track is “Beautiful Target”, a bright dance number. The lyrics are about zooming and flying like a rocket towards a loved one. Also included in the album are addictive house pop number, “My Love”, groovy track, “Chu Chu Chu” and “Wonderful Tonight”, a rock based number with electric sounds.


Huh Gak mini-album Vol. 1 – First Story (released)

01 In忍
02 Hello
03 Miss You
04 Life’s All
05 Grab Hold of a Collar
06 Hello (Piano Version)

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Superstar K Season 2’s winner, Huh Gak finally releases his first mini-album, “First Story” this fall. There are a total of six songs, with the title track being “Hello”. Co-composed by Choi Gyu Sung and Rado, it is a ballad number with beautiful string and piano arrangements. Huh’s emotional and strong vocals skills are expected to awe listeners. Also included in the album is “Life’s All” which was composed by Super Changddangi who wrote songs for 2PM and Teen Top.


Brown Eyed Girls (single) – Hot Shot (released)

01 Countdown (Intro)
02 Hot Shot

After two years and two months, Brown Eyed Girls finally makes a comeback! The talented vocal group releases two songs, “Countdown (Intro)” and “Hot Shot” in midst of their full-length album due this Friday (23rd). “Countdown” was composed by KZ and starting from Je-A, each of the members are able to showcases their respective vocals and talents. “Hot Shot” on the other hand is an upbeat funky number co-composed by east4A and Lee Min Soo.


T-Ara (single) – Log-in (released)

01 Log-in

T-ara releases a digital single, “Log-In” which will be used as the theme song for an advertisement which SBS and golf and sports apparel company, JDX are both taking part in. It is a bright dance number with electric beats. It has a hopeful message for those who listen.


SG Wannabe (single) – Way to Love (released)

01 Way to Love
02 Way to Love (Inst.)

Korea’s top vocal group, SG Wannabe releases a surprise digital single, “Way to Love” for their “The Last” nationwide concert tour. The group’s long time producer Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min joined hands for this song which is about loving a person eternally even if they have to live apart from each other. A fifty member orchestra took part in this song.


Mighty Mouth (single) – Super Hero (released)

01 Super Hero
02 Super Hero (Inst.)

Mighty Mouth has collaborated with Sinsadong Tiger for the digital single, “Super Hero” which is a mix of both trot and hip-hop music. The song is about a man who is willing to do anything for love, hence the title of the song.


Bada (single) – With Me (released)

01 With Me (Original Mix)
02 With Me (Bada Vista Selly Club Mix)
03 With Me (Modern Retro Mix)
04 With Me (Pirouete Mix)
05 With Me (Video Mix)

Singer and musical actress, Bada releases a new single, “With Me” which will be the theme song for the social network site, The song was composed and arranged by J-Path and is expected to capture listeners’ interest.

Other Releases:
Vee x Killa – Hero For Higher (Sept. 19)
R-est – T.F.O.N (Sept. 20)
Baek Sae Eun – Words of Consolation (Sept. 20)
The White – Pray For the Life (Sept. 20)
Green Tea – Nok Out (Sept. 20)
Soonee’s Wall – Vol. 2 One Moon One Heart (Sept. 20)
Jung Sung Ha – Vol. 2 Irony (Sept. 20)
Soulstar – Rebirth (Sept. 20)
Kim Bo Kyung – Mini-Album 2: Growing (Sept. 22)
Sung Hun – Vol. 1 Lyrics Within My Story (Sept. 22)
Mint Paper Project Vol. 4 – Cafe: Night & Day (Sept. 23)

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