Lee Jong Suk Posts a Selca Anticipating the First Episode of MBC "High Kick 3"

Actor Lee Jong Suk has posted a selca in anticipation of autumn’s arrival and the first airing of MBC “High Kick 3.”

On Sept. 19, he wrote alongside a photo, “This is Jong Suk. When I opened my eyes today, I felt that I’ve really been transported to this world called autumn. In this period of the change of seasons, everyone take care of themselves so you don’t catch a cold please, and I’ll come to play more and more and often and often.”

In the photo, Lee Jong Suk is shown making a pose whilst wearing a sky blue t-shirt and white cardigan. He is shown making a slight smile and showing off his charms.

Netizens have reacted to this photo with comments such as, “Today’s the airing of the first episode of High Kick, I’m really anticipatory”, “High Kick starring Lee Jong Suk, my heart’s thrumming,” and “An obvious charmer, I’m thrilled whenever I think of seeing you in High Kick.”

Lee Jong Suk will be making regular appearances as the son of the lead couple family in MBC’s new daily sitcom, “High Kick 3, a Counterattack of the Short-Legged.”