Brown Eyed Girls Reveal Their Pre-Makeup Face During a Birthday Party for Jea and Gain

Recently, Brown Eyed Girls revealed photos of a birthday party for Jea and Gain.

On September 20, Jea tweeted, “Jea and Gain’s birthday bash. Narsha and Miryo wished us a happy birthday while dropping some tears. I love my members.”

In the photos, Jea and Gain are blowing off candles while sitting on a couch in front of a cake that’s full of lighted candles. In addition, in some of the photos, Gain and Jea are posing with a teary face which definitely seems like they were mesmerized by this party. Jea’s actual birthday is September 18 while Gain’s birthday is September 20.

More photos of Brown Eyed Girls were posted afterwards. In these photos, Jea and Gain are both wearing sunglasses to hide their pre-makeup face while Narsha and Miryo are wearing hats and playfully making funny faces.

After seeing these photos, netizens posted comments such as, “5 years of friendship is evident in these photos” and “I can’t wait for their comeback!”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls, who will be making a comeback after two long years, will officially release
their fourth album on September 23.