UV’s “Who Am I” Tops Monkey3’s Social Music Chart

Male-duo UV recently released song, titled “Who Am I” drew many fans through social media, topping the Monkey3 Social Music Chart. Sung Si Kyung placed second with his seventh albums title song “Oh My Goddess” and Huh Gak placed fourth with “Hello.”

“Who Am I” features a Beatles sound with the trademark UV comedic performance. The song also features musicians Yoo Hee Yeol and Jung Jae Hyung, the latter of whom is the “trendy star” of the moment for his recent appearances on “Infinity Challenge.” Jung Jae Hyung has earned the ironic nickname “The Nation’s Fairy” for his girlish laugh and childlike attitude, earning a wide fanbase unknown to him as a pianiast and music producer. Yoo Hee Yeol is a veteran in the music industry as the producer and leader of the group “Toy” and the current MC for KBS’ late-night music program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.” He also has a significant fanbase for his witty humor and signature song arrangement.

The four also came together for the song’s music video. Shot in London, it features the singers in Beatles costumes and wigs  in a 1960s setting. Paired along with the sad lyrics about a cheating girlfriend, the visual produces a comic atmosphere that is the signature for UV. Check out the hilarious music video for yourself!


Monkey3 Social Music Chart gathers votes through social network services. On UV placing first, the company commented, “UV has a lot of ‘mania’ fans and those fans seem to have gotten them to first place.”