[Recap] High Kick S3: The Short Legs Strike Back Episode 1

The show opened up in an intriguing way… It is the future and Lee Juk is an old man talking about his book “High Kick: The Short Legs Strike Back.” (The book is about his younger years)

After a brief introduction about the setting (The earthquake in Japan, terrorism, and Hyun Bin etc.) a home is shown where the main married couple is fighting. The husband is screaming because he can’t find any white shirts, while the wife is arguing that the white shirts are there. (The husband is about to throw a cabbage at her when he receives a phone call.) Suddenly the two are ok because he is reserving a restaurant for the wife’s birthday.

Lee Jong Suk (Name on the show is Ahn Jong Suk.) wakes up in the morning is wondering why his mother is cooking Miyeok Soup, she explains that it is her birthday.

The father goes into the bedroom and finds that his daughter Krystal is calling him. He promises that he will pick her up at the airport. (It seems like she is studying in the U.S.)

Meanwhile Park Ha Sun is looking for her cousin Kim Ji Won, but she has already left for school.

Park Ha Sun calls Ji Won telling her to be careful and not to ride the scooter to school, (Ji Won lies that she is on the bus.) also not to get hurt, but Park Ha Sun ends up falling over.

The main family is eating breakfast together and the father tells the son (Lee Jong Suk) to win his hockey game no matter what, that sports depend on your mentality.

Seo Ji Suk is at school and punishing students, he points at Park Ha Sun telling her to come right now. He reaches for her!

And grabs a student hiding behind her.

Park Ha Sun is at her office and tries to open up the curtain blinds, but Park Ji Sun has an allergy to sunlight.

Park Ji Sun also tells Park Ha Sun that she has to take care of housing for the foreign teacher.

Krystal is on the plane with the new foreign teacher who is Julian. Krystal comments that Julian was asleep the whole plane trip.

Krystal is surprised when Julian speaks perfect Korean.

Now we are at Jong Suk’s ice hockey game, and the coach is telling them the game plan. Basically, just pass it to Jong Suk.

Jong Suk doesn’t dissapoint when he scores a goal, doing pretty much everything on his own.

The wife is with her friends talking about her husband but she breaks a cup by accident, they think it is a bad omen.

The father “Mr. Ahn” is at his office when he suddenly gets shot by an employee.

As the employee says “Goodbye you bastard,” he gets up saying “How could you swear at me?” The employee replies that he was trying to make it realistic.

Mr. Ahn receives a phone call from his VP, but the VP is fleeing the country with the company’s money. Uh Oh (And now all the madness begins.)

The wife is calling her brother Yoon Kye Sang and he tells her “Happy Birthday,” but she says that she wants to know why he is going off to Rwanda.

Meanwhile, people that have either lent money to Mr. Ahn or borrowed from him are chasing him.

Yoon Kye Sang is talking to his sister and offers to sing “Happy Birthday.” He goes into the stairway to call her and he is surprisingly good at singing.

We find out that it’s actually not Yoon Kye Sang singing but it is the wife’s ringtone. The husband has been calling and the wife’s friends think that he wants to spend some *cough* romantic time with her. The husband rushes in all of the sudden and drags out his wife.

Jong Suk is on the ice rink and he is fighting someone from the other team.

The father successfully reaches Jong Suk.

Krystal is at the airport saying bye to Julian. Julian exclaims, “I guess this is it, I had a great time, maybe we’ll meet again.” Krystal says, “Oh wait hey, if we meet again, we are going to have to go on a date.”

Mr. Ahn arrives at the airport and drags Krystal to the van.

The wife demands to know why Mr. Ahn is trying to get them to run away and he finally admits that his friend/VP has taken all of the company money.

They are trying to leave on the van but it won’t start. The family pushes the van to help it start and they finally get away.

Although the family succeeds in starting the car, they are still being chased by the money borrowers (or lenders?). Jong Suk and Krystal have a plan though, as they open up the trunk door and begin to throw balloons filled with paint.

Meanwhile, Yoon Kye Sang runs into his med school buddy Lee Juk and asks for a ride.

Lee Juk begins to describe himself during that time (As we are in the perspective that Lee Juk is talking about his past, when he is in the near future, Make sense?) and he describes how he became a doctor for the money, while Yoon Kye Sang became a doctor because of principles. (Although his specialty is *ahem* with a lack of better words, looking at rectums and intestines.)

The family needs to buy some supplies (Mainly food) but sadly enough, the father’s credit card is declined. They resort to using the dollars in Krystal’s

They end up on a road eating Choco Pies and the father decides to change the mood which is gloomy by lighting up fireworks for the family. The father needs something else.. and Krystal has a bright idea.

Krystal exclaims, “Don’t we just have to light up the fireworks?” She lights it up and OOPS! It rams right into the rear of the father.

The family is shocked.

The father flies up into the night sky like a satellite. 

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