Vocal Trainers Select The Best Idols of 2011

Like in previous years, 2011 continues to be a strong year for idol groups in the K-Pop Music Industry. It has been predicted that there will be more than 100 groups existing by the end of the year.

While the various groups are loved and adored by fans, many other factors such as looks and dancing ability also are a factor in gaining popularity. While some focus has shifted off of vocals, it is still considered to be the most important part by many.

Recently, professional vocal trainers voted for the best singing idols, selecting overall groups and individual singers from male and female groups.

Male Idol Groups

Out of the entire male idol groups existing, 2AM was chosen to be the group with exceptional singing talents. 2AM is in first place with eight votes out of a possible 30 votes. Vocal training academy, Voice Fact’s president has said that as a ballad group, they have all the basics needed.

SHINee has received five votes following 2AM. Vocal trainer, Cho Hae Yeong said that each member of SHINee have their own unique voice colors, they are able express songs well and that their musical talents are outstanding.

Following SHINee was Big Bang and JYJ with four votes each. Many vocal trainers have said that Big Bang express any song with their own unique taste. In addition, they have also said that each member of JYJ has an excellent skill.

Female Idol Groups

Ballad duo, Davichi, received eight votes. Vocal trainer, Ham Yu Seong said that Davichi’s members are able to sing beautifully in harmony and they have a great ability to express the song thoroughly. Although each of the members aren’t that exceptional at singing by themselves, but as a duo their voices are well suit to the genre ballad and their voices collaborate beautifully into a harmony. Following on, 2NE1 and SISTAR were chosen as second place with seven votes each.

 2AM and Davichi

Individuals of Male Idol Groups

Lee Chang Min of 2AM was voted as the best singing individual of all the male singers with nine votes. He was recognized by the professionals as the best male singer of 2011. Vocal trainer, Yu Ui Ju have said because he doesn’t have a voice in trend, he is able to express his skills comfortably which adds on to his charm.

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su in second place and following on was MBLAQ’s G.O in third place. Trainers have said that Kim Jun Su is able to lead the song and recognize the components of the song and other trainers have said that G.O has a good pronunciation and that he has a sophisticated sense of rhythm.

Individuals of Female Idol Group

Out of all the female idols, SISTAR’s Hyo Rin  came first with 12 votes. Many professionals have said that even though she has a husky voice, she is able to produce a strong sound. SNSD’s Tae Yeon and Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri came second place with eight votes each. Although Tae Yeon is in second place, following Hyo Rin, many trainers have said that she doesn’t have a powerful voice, however she does know the taste of the songs and knows how to express it well. She has the maturity in her voice that IU doesn’t have. Lee Hae Ri was said to have a good tone and she is able to accomplish any songs.

Lee Chang Min and Hyo Rin

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