Choreographers Select The Best Idols of 2011

K-Pop is mostly made from performances, the performances of the songs are what make fans gain interest about idol groups. But what do the professional choreographers think of their performances?

1) Male Idol Groups

Big Bang was chosen as the best performing group, Big Bang received eight votes out of 27 votes. H.O.T’s past choreographer, Jin Jeong Woon said that while many other groups’ music, dances, and fashion are very cliché, Big Bang’s music, dances, and fashion concepts are always original and standing out opposed to some other groups.

In second place, BEAST received seven votes. Many choreographers have said that their dance moves are very sophisticated and that they are able to express the song properly.

Following them, were 2PM and Infinite with a tie at third place with four votes each. Choreographer Shin Mi Yeon, said that 2PM’s collaboration of their movements blend in nicely. Choreographer, Bae Se Jin said that Infinite members have a great talent in dancing opposed to other idol groups. In addition, it was said that their powerful moves reveal the color of each member.

2) Female Idol Groups

Out of all the female idol groups, 2NE1 was chosen as first place by receiving 14 votes. Many professionals said the 2NE1 has a great ability to control the atmosphere of their performances, they have their own distinct color and taste. That they are able to express components of their songs thoroughly. They have also said that they receive the feeling that 2NE1 is enjoying their performances.

SNSD, miss A and After School were ranked as the second best performing group, receiving three votes each.


3) Best Performing Male Individuals

Tae Yang and G-Dragon were voted as best and second best respectively, as male individual performers. Choreographer of Lee Hyo Ri and Bada, Lee Won Woo said that Tae Yang knows what he is actually dancing and that through his dances he expresses the emotions related to the dances. Others have said that on stage he acts out the moves in details and that no one will be able to imitate the feel of his dances. Choreographer, Han Ji Hun has said that G-Dragon has his own unique color when performing.

4) Best Performing Female Individuals

2NE1’s member CL was voted as the best performing female individual, receiving nine votes. Many professionals said that CL helped 2NE1 to get a good start for their debut. She helps to bring out the distinct and unique colors of 2NE1.

4Minute’s HyunA received four votes, making her second place. While 2NE1’s Minzy and After School’s Ga Hee received three votes each for a tie at third place. HyunA was praised for her ability to understand her material and express the understanding through her dance moves. They are saying that she is able to attract attention within a short amount of time on stage.