KBS Music Bank 09.23.2011

Kara’s “Step” topped the K-Chart for the second week in a row. They have stepped their way into first place once again. How long will these girls sweep weekly music shows with their fancy footwork?

Super Junior, B1A4 and SpinEL returned with their attractive greeting melodies, while Nine Muses and Seo In Guk bidded farewell.

The following K-Poppers brought this new season’s sense of stylish music to the stage: Sung Si Kyung, SISTAR, Davichi, G.NA, BADA, Huh Gak, U-KISS, HAHA, Piggy Dolls, Swing Girls, Over Action and Kim Yeo Hee.

Kara’s Winning Moment

Super Junior – A-CHA

Kara– Step

SISTAR – So Cool [Remix]

Sung Si Kyung – Even Now

G.NA – Top Girl 

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

U-KISS – Neverland 

HAHA – Rosa

BADA – With Me [Comeback Stage]

Huh Gak – Hello

Nine Muses – Figaro 

MayBee – Goodbye Valentine

Seo In Guk – Shake It Up [Goodbye Stage]

B1A4 – Beautiful Target 

Over Action – Tae Won

Swing Girls – RUN X 3

Kara and SISTAR Backstage 

Super Junior Backstage

Credits: AjNews, TV Daily, XSports News and yt cr: UnknownCarrot180


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