2NE1 and Yang Hyun Suk Remain Humble About Japanese Popularity

With 2NE1 soaring their way to first place on the Oricon daily chart, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk recently met with reporters after the group’s “NOLZA in Japan” concert and talked about their success. 

“2NE1 has only just made their advancement and are shining under the spotlight created by their K-Pop seniors. They are merely at the level of being washed rice. Whether 2NE1 will succeed in Japan or not is something that can only be judged after much time from now. As in the past or present, 2NE1 strives to just work hard and show everything they have to offer,” Yang Hyun Suk said.

He continued, “The path of the girl group Hallyu in Japan has already been paved by SNSD, KARA, and others. Thanks to their seniors, 2NE1 has had a comfortable debut, which makes it that much important for them to not get cocky over it.”

“We were both surprised and amazed to see the audience filled with 12,000 people. We wouldn’t even dream of thinking of ourselves as a popular girl group in Japan. We’ll always be doing our best with a grateful heart,” 2NE1 said.