Various K-Pop Artists Featured in a Romanian Magazine

As we all know, this year has been the year of K-Pop featured everywhere around the world. We have seen several flashmobs going on in European countries, K-Pop featured in Belgium shows, K-Pop songs toping musical charts and now there’s also K-Pop featured in European magazines. This time is Romania’s turn and their Popcorn magazine which features K-Pop artists for their October edition.

2NE1 is featured on the main cover of the magazine with the title “K-Pop Rocks!”, while inside of the magazine the articles features BIG BANG, 2NE1, SHINee, JYJ, SNSD and f(x). In each paragraph, the article tells a brief story for each group, their debut date, style, members and some albums and it also tells how K-Pop got into Europe by using popular sites on internet such as Youtube and Facebook.

And it is not just magazines, Romania has also their own TV program “K-Pop Pill”, which features daily one K-Pop video on television, chosen by the audience who casted their votes in a poll through the official Music Channel facebook page.

Romanian fans couldn’t be more happier to finally see their favorite artists on television as they feel that their hard work has finally paid off. After noticing that “K-pop Pill” is such a success, Music Channel has surprised Romanian fans by broadcasting K-Pop music videos during the day as well.

Check out the magazine scans below.