Mnet M Countdown 09.29.2011

Huh Guk‘s “Hello” was named “Song Of The Week”. This is the very first weekly music show triumph for the talented Superstar K2 winner. Fans, greet your new Mnet king!

K-Pop’s finest made their debuts and comebacks today. Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Kyu Jong (from SS501),

Jewelry S, Kan Mi Youn, Infinite, Clover, Kim Bo Kyoung and FAT CAT had their “A-CHA” moments when they used their “Sixth Sense” to turn us on. You decide which fresh stage was your favorite.

Who kept the heat alive indoors and on stage today? The following artists: Kara, MayBee, Sung Si Kyung, Davichi, U-KISS, Teen Top and B1A4.

Huh Guk’s Winning Moment

Super Junior – A-CHA

Infinite – Paradise

Brown Eyed Girls – Hot Shot Sixth Sense

Kara – Step 

CLOVER – A Guy I Know

Sung Si Kyung – Even Now

Kim Kyu Jong – Yesterday


Huh Gak – Hello

B1A4 – Beautiful Target

Teen Top’s Special Stage: “Daum Fan Cafe Stage Event”

Kim Bo Kyung – Sick

Jewelry S – I’m All Right

Kan Mi Youn – Don’t Wanna See You

MayBee – Goodbye Valentine 

U-KISS – Neverland 

Credits: @MnetMCountdown and yt cr: CrazyCarrotExtra2

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