Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min Go on a Date in "Padam-Padam"

The upcoming drama “Padam-Padam” gears up towards its December 5 premiere with the release of more stills from the filming. Recently, photographs of a date scene between leads Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min in character have surfaced online.

In the pictures taken in Goyang on October 1, the two actors are captured in the beginning of their characters’ relationship. In “Padam-Padam,” Jung Woo Sung plays “Yang Kang Chil,” a man falsely accused of murder for 16 years. He falls in love with Han Ji Min’s veterinarian character, “Jina.”

The stills follow earlier released behind-the-scenes photos featuring Jung Woo Sung and another cast member Kim Bum, who plays “Lee Kook Soo,” Yang Kang Chil’s best friend and guardian angel.

“Padam-Padam” will air on jTBC.