Han Ye Seul Resembles Park Myung Soo

Several old pictures of the beautiful actress Han Ye Seul have recently been surfaced on several internet websites.

On October 5, a member of an entertainment online community website released the pictures with the following caption, “Han Ye Seul resembles Park Myung Soo.”

These old magazine pictures, in which Han Ye Seul posed as a model for a certain clothing line, do reveal that she resembles the comedian Park Myung Soo a bit. However, she does look beautiful in the pictures, not considering the resemblance with the comedian. Still, many netizens now cannot get the image of the gagman out of their heads while looking at these pictures.

Netizens commented, “Their eyebrows look alike” “Maybe if Park Myung Soo was a women, he would be pretty” and “I want to believe that they do not look alike, but they do…”

What do you guys think?