Kan Mi Youn’s Secret Life of Volunteering

Singer Kan Mi Youn, although stunningly beautiful, has a heart that shines even more radiantly than her physical beauty.

Kan Mi Yeon has continuously volunteered biweekly at the Seoul Rehabilitation Center helping the elderly and infants that are having a tough time in rehab.

After Baby VOX, Kan Mi Yeon has gone through solo activities with songs “I’m Going Crazy” “Paparazzi” and now her new song “I Don’t Want to See You.” However, the interview that was supposed to be focused on her renewed activities shifted to an unexpected topic of her volunteering life revealing a cautious Kan Mi Youn.

It’s truly a wonderful thing to do, however why hide it?

“Is it okay if I tell the whole truth? It’s because I didn’t think I would be able to continue to volunteer comfortably,” Kan Mi Youn replied hesitatingly.

Volunteering can easily be seen as “image making,” to the public, and even a short temporary period of volunteering with the accompaniment of a camera and foreign travel has become a type of custom within the celebrity world. This makes Kan Mi Youn’s situation all the more unprecedented.

“It’s just around my neighborhood. About seven year ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the opportunity at a volunteering cafe online and went to go check it out myself.”

Kan Mi Youn was most thankful for the people at the Rehabilitation Center for treating her comfortably as an equal, not as a celebrity.

Making lunch boxes for the elderly, keeping patients company by talking to them, and taking extra care of them during the winter season, if there is a need for help, these are only some of the things that Kan Mi Youn willingly does without hesitation. Although she has a very skinny stature, she has a tough and strong mentality that makes her physical appearance tough as well.

“I like doing things that require some kind of physical activity. After finishing a days work at the center, I think to myself that as much as I’m tired that much help was done, and it feels really good.”

“When it’s about time for me to come, the elder grandmothers and grandfathers with behavioral problems wait outside for me. They warmly hold my hands and lead me into their rooms, sharing stories and even candy with me. When it’s time for me to leave they wave and say goodbye until they can’t see me anymore.”

After secretly volunteering by herself for some time, Kan Mi Youn has come to change her thoughts on volunteering.

“It’s something I felt seeing Hyori unnie. It’s a good thing for me to be volunteering individually, but if I can reach out and make the cause known to more people… I can’t help but think that that will make a bigger difference.”

15 years after her debut as one of the original fairies of KPOP, she is now walking the path of a sophisticated solo artist. After asking what her current goal is, she started to laugh after thinking for a bit.

“After making LOTS of money, I want to start my own rehabilitation center. Marriage? Having a husband that likes to volunteer too would be nice. Haha.”

You can check out Kan Mi Youn’s new song “I Don’t Want to See You” below. It’s pretty catchy!

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