Kim Hee Sun Reveals Photo of Daughter

Actress Kim Hee Sun and her daughter have been caught on camera. 

October 10 on an online community was posted a picture titled “Kim Hee Sun and her daughter” that grabbed the attention of many. 

This picture that instantly gained the focus of netizens shows Kim Hee Sun with her daughter in her arms with a happy yet comfortable expression. Mother and daughter matched their clothes making it seem like they are on their way to attend an event. 


Netizens replied to the photo in various ways, “the daughter looks more like her dad,” “she looks so happy with her daughter,” “looks like her daughter has grown to be healthy,” “it is good to see mother Kim Hee Sun.”

Kim Hee Sun married in 2007 to a groom three years younger than her, and gave birth to her daughter in April 2009.