Song Hye Gyo, "The Past Two Publicized Relationships Have Had a Huge Effect on Me"

Ilgan Sports regularly features “Drinking Interview,” in which the interviewer elicits a more comfortable, casual, and open atmosphere by sharing alcoholic drinks with the interviewee. For this round, actress Song Hye Gyo, busily promoting her new movieToday,” was interviewed for three hours about her personal life, and her career that now spans 15 years. This article is a selection of interesting points from the long interview.

Song Hye Gyo describes herself as a daughter who loves her mother, and a “mother” herself to seven dogs. As an only child, her mother is sometimes like a sister and sometimes like a friend. Song has never disobeyed her mother and sometimes gets scolded if she uses her credit card too much.

Song Hye Gyo didn’t like her short height when she first debuted. So she wore high heels often but now after 15 years, she doesn’t think too much about it. But she was still happy to find out that she had grown from 161cm to 161.4 cm over the years.

Song also addressed her break-up with Hyun Bin for the first time since the news hit the public earlier this year. She stated:

“Unfortunately, this is not something that just involves me so I don’t think I can say anything. But I can say that the past two publicized relationships have had a huge effect on me. I am already 30 years old so having had two relationships shouldn’t be anything big but because I am a celebrity, they become hot issues and it saddens me to see them become topics of gossip. I can understand but truthfully, I don’t know why it is only me that gets perceived (badly). After revealing those relationships, I was seen as only spending my time on dating and that upset me. But time has passed and I am not upset anymore. Right now my job makes me happy and I have a lot to do in the future.”

Song Hye Gyo also listed her current favorites from food to idol groups. Displaying her ability to keep up with trends, and a wide variety of interests, the list goes like this:

Favorite Color: White
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Food
: Korean Cuisine
Favorite Number
: seven
Favorite Idol Groups:
SNSD, Kara, 2PM
Favorite Food:
Chicken Feet
Favorite Movie:
“Bridges of Madison County”
Favorite Sports
: Badminton
Favorite Vacation Destination
: Paris
Favorite TV Program
: “I Am A Singer”

Addressing criticisms on Song Hye Gyo’s lack of approachability, visibility, and veiled image, the actress stated that there is a lack of roles available for actresses in Chungmuro (Korean version of Hollywood), and that she isn’t “only filming commercials.” She displayed her passion for acting, stating that she would love to do a lot of projects.

And I’m sure that fans would love to see more of the beautiful actress. Now to get Chungmuro moving…

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