Min Hyo Rin: “When I Wanted to Die, I Thought of My Parents”

Currently various Korean internet media sources are running a campaign against suicide. The campaign is called, “Beautiful Korea, Where We Live Together.”

Min Hyo Rin was on hand to answer questions about committing suicide.

Q: What is your opinion on committing suicide and why do you think people commit suicide?

A: “I think there is nothing as regrettable as committing suicide. I think it takes courage to commit suicide, but I believe that courage can be used to overcome difficulties. I think everyone in his or her life will think about committing suicide at least once. However, that is only one moment and I believe that it is regrettable because people commit suicide when they can’t get over that one moment. I believe that it is important to overcome that one moment.”

Q: There are celebrities who make that extreme choice. Why do you think that happens?

A: “I think it is easy to get depressed as a celebrity. A celebrity gets stimulated by the smallest things in the environment, such as when they will get a new project, or what people’s responses are. Also, there are a lot of celebrities who are sensitive.“

Q: Was there ever a time that was so difficult for you that you wanted to give up?

A: “I was also depressed once. It wasn’t very deep, but I still thought about committing suicide. Although I didn’t try to commit suicide, I wanted to give up on everything. I thought, ‘What am I doing right now?’ and also ‘It would be so easy to just give up.’ I think everyone has a moment like that once in his or her life.”

Q: What helped you overcome it?

A: “I thought about the faces of my parents. I thought about my relatives and also my friends. I thought of how sad my parents and friends would be if I commit suicide, and I thought to myself, ‘I need to stop.’ I thought that even having such thoughts was bad for you. Dying before your parents is the most undutiful thing you could do to them. I think that even getting hurt is undutiful to your parents.”

Q: What would you like to say to people that think of committing suicide?

A: “Before you decide to commit suicide, think about everyone around you. Think about your parents, relatives, and friends. If you commit suicide the repercussion isn’t only you disappearing. Think about how sad the people around you would be. Also, there are cases where people will follow others that commit suicide. Committing suicide does not end with committing suicide; it can also create even more regrettable situations.”

Q: What are your future plans?

A: “Currently I am filming for the movie ‘Gone with the Wind.’ I am appearing opposite of Cha Tae Hyun and my role is a female fisher. My role is important in telling the story and I am happy. The film will be released next year.”

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