‎[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday - Immortal Song 2 and Secret" - Oct. 15 Episode

Singing was his everyday life and existence, the genuine singer, even through the ages his songs do not end. The 11th legend, the late Kim Gwang Suk special!

His close friends and colleague Park Hak Gi, Han Dong Joon, Kang Hun and the seven vocalists that respect Kim Gwang Suk will be remembering him!

  • He will sing’s Kim Gwang Suk’s song with an acoustic guitar and an harmonica, Hong Kyung Min’s If only really painful love, wasn’t really love” (너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을)
  • He makes the immortal song judges cry with his ardent voice and his ability to express the lyrics, Shin Yong Jae’s Those days” (그날들)
  • She transforms into the lady of the wind, Ali’s folk jazz version of “The place where the wind blows from” (바람이 불어오는 곳)
  • She tearful sings with all her might! Kang Min Kyung’s “Knowing that I have to forget about it” (잊어야 한다는 마음으로)
  • He gets high praise from the writer of the song Han Dong Jun, Infinite Nam Woo Hyun’s powerful rock version of “I loved you but” (사랑했지만)
  • A lot of singers had remade this song, Huh Gak’s perfect re-interpretation of “At around 30″ (서른 즈음에)
  • She expresses a message of hope! We can make a new start! Lim Jung Hee’s “The letter from a private” (이등병의 편지)

It is tearful and heart-warming. The singing bard, the late Kim Gwang Suk. Who will be the honorable winner?


◆This week’s special SECRET

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung, Go Woori, Oh Seung Ah, Jo Hyun Young, Comedians Huh Kyung Hwan, Hwang Hyun Hee, Park Yong Jin, Yang Sang Guk and Yang Bae Chu

The group with the seven different colored charms, Rainbow. And the nation’s representative comedians that possess the greatest wits. The good looking men and girls have met inside the cage. The special and private secret parade that allows us to find out about stars’ true nature.

Who will become the greatest man and woman inside the Secret cage?

Jae Kyung! She is currently dating?!

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, during the “No response from you” game with fellow member Go Woori, the fact that she is in a relationship is revealed?

During the game of “No responses from you” you must each ask each other questions and not answer back, during the parade of outspoken questions, Woori asks “Are you currently dating,” which causes Jae Kyung to fall silent. Jae Kyung’s relationship revelation press conference is suddenly opened. The Secret Journalists are going to reveal it. What is the truth?

And Jae Kyung’s secret, as revealed by her Japanese teacher.

“Jae Kyung, she keeps asking me about verbally seducing people?!”

Hallyu Star Rainbow is receiving a lot of love through their busy activities in Japan. Because of this, Jae Kyung is putting in a lot of effort in learning Japanese whenever she gets time. But she is asking strange questions? “What is your phone number?” “What do you think about me?” Who is the man that will be giving his phone number and expressing his mind to Jae Kyung?

Rainbow Jae Kyung’s state of affairs will be revealed on Secret.


▶ Rainbow Woori’s fatal secret

“Woori, her sorrowful and honest comments while drunk”  

During her freshman year at University, Woori had a guy that she liked. Then one day, she decides to go to the bar that the guy works in for a drink and confess to him while under the influence. The friends that followed her watched Woori’s shocking confession.

After that confession, Woori could never ever contact the man again. The truth behind Woori’s confession, what had happened on that day? It will be revealed on Secret.


The Dizzying Youngest Member, Hyun Young’s Secret Parade!

The devil of the Hip Hop world, H-Eugene reveals a secret about Rainbow’s youngest member, Hyun Young!

“Hyun Young is a vixen?!”

H-Eugene appeared as a radio guest with Hyun Young and his heart began to flutter because of Hyun Young? During the radio program, whenever H-Eugene said something funny, Hyun Young would constantly wink at him. The problem is that not only did she wink at H-Eugene, but she also winked at Teen Top’s Niel. What is the truth behind the winks that H-Eugene witnessed?

“Hyun Young, She has dual voices?!”

Rainbow member, Yoon Hae reveals one of Hyun Young’s hidden secret. Hyun Young’s cute voice is a made up voice? Because Hyun Young uses her cute voice every time she does any sort of work, her voice easily goes hoarse. What is the cute voice that Hyun Young uses on TV that surprises all the staff and cast in the studio? Rainbow Hyun Young’s unusual side will be shown on Secret.

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