Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2011 - October Week 3

The Brown Eyed Girls have scored another No. 1 song with “Sixth Sense” in just its second week on the chart.  Last year, BEG members were busy for their solo schedules with Narsha and Gain releasing successful mini-albums. Widely regarded as one of the most talented girl groups, BEG wowed audiences each time with their new releases, and this time is of no exception.  Despite the emergence of many new girl groups, not many groups out there have the complete package like BEG.  “Sixth Sense” has steady scores across all our chart sources and was No. 1 in M!Countdown (and just won the Inkygayo Mutizen). It defeated two other songs that won in music programs last week.

Infinite has their second straight No. 2 song with “Paradise”, coming from their repackaged first album.  “Paradise” won the Inkygayo Mutizen award last week. Infinite is still looking for their first No. 1 song on our chart and may close the gap with BEG next week.

Still hanging very strong at No. 3 is Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”. They had won on KBS’ Music Bank last week and again this week. This song has been in the top three for five consecutive weeks and has definitely emerged as one of our “Song Of The Year” candidate.

There are three new songs at the bottom of the top 10 this week, and none of these songs are by idol artists.  At No. 8, Eun Ji Won’s project group Clover is back with “Oppa I Know”, proving that they are not a one-hit wonder.  It is an upbeat hip-hop number in minor key. Like their top 10 hit, “La Vida Loca”, it has Latin sounds. The song hold fun lyrics that satirizes women and their “oppa catching” fishing grounds.

At No. 9, female R&B artist Ali scores her first solo top 10 hit with “How Can There Be Such A Thing”.  This is not the first time Ali is in the top 10 though, as she was featured in many of Lee Ssang’s past top 10 hits before.  Her unique soulful voice and skillful vocal brings R&B songs to their finest.

The king of k-pop is back in the top 10 this week.  Kim Gun Mo, who is one of the finest male soloists Korea ever have, returns to the top 10 for the first time in a long time with “Today That Is Sadder Than Yesterday”.  This song is coming from Kim’s recently released 13th album (we probably can’t name too many singers who have released 13 full length albums!).  This album is especially meaningful as Kim Gun Mo is celebrating his 20th anniversary in the music industry.  He started his career before many of us were even born!  “Today That Is Sadder Than Yesterday” is Kim Gun Mo’s trademark style ballad, with his famous laid back voice in full display.


SOOMPI CHART for 2011, Month 10, Week 3

1. (+4) Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense ***1st Week @ No. 1***
Score: 935
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Lee Min Soo / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 4 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


2. (+6) Infinite – 파라다이스 (Paradise)
Score: 875
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Kim Seung Soo, Han Jae Ho / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Infinite Vol. 1 Repackaged Version | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


3. (-1) Davichi – 안녕이라고 말하지 마 (Don’t Say Goodbye)
Score: 855
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Jun Hae Sung / Lyrics: Jun Hae Sung
Album: Davichi Mini Album – Love Delight | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


4. (-3) Kara – Step
Score: 773
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Kim Seung Soo, Han Jae Ho / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Kara Vol. 3 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


5. (-2) Sung Shi Kyung – 난 좋아 (I Like)
Score: 690
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Hwang Se Joon, Sung Shi Kyung / Lyrics: Lee Mina
Album: Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 7 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


6. (-2) Huh Gak – Hello
Score: 665
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Choi Gyu Sung, Rado / Lyrics: Choi Gyu Sung, Rado
Album: Huh Gak mini-album Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


7. (-1) Super Junior – A-Cha
Score: 605
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Hitchhiker / Lyrics: Kim Boo Min
Album: Super Junior Vol. 5 Repackaged Version | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


8. (+6) Clover – 아는 오빠 (Oppa I Know)
Score: 514
Genre: Hip-Hop

Music: Keeproots, Gilmi / Lyrics: Clover
Album: Clover digital single “Oppa I Know”
Watch: MV


9. (+12) Ali – 뭐 이런게 다 있어 (How Can There Be Such A Thing)
Score: 511
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Choi Joon Young / Lyrics: Choi Joon Young
Album: Ali digital single “How Can There Be Such A Thing”
Watch: MV


10. (+5) Kim Gun Mo – 어제보다 슬픈 오늘 (Today That Is Sadder than Yesterday)
Score: 495
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: / Lyrics:
Album: Kim Gun Mo Vol. 13 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


Rank Artist Song Score
11 Sistar (-4) So Cool 455
12 G.na (-3) Top Girl 384
13 B1A4 (-1) Beautiful Target 378
14 Zi-A (new) 내가 이렇지 (Feat. 하동균) (The Way I Am (Feat. Ha Dong Kyun)) 372
15 UV (-5) Who Am I (feat. Yoo Hee Yeol, Jung Jae Hyung) 342
16 Maybee (–) Goodbye Valentine 337
17 U-Kiss (-6) Neverland 331
18 Kan Mi Yeon (+18) 안 만나 (Not Meeting) 328
19 Kim Kyu Jong (+23) Yesterday 290
20 Monday Kiz (new) 다음 사람에게는 (To The Next Person) 262
21 Simon D (new) 짠해 (Cheerz) 258
22 Kim Jang Hoon (+7) 이별 참 나답다 (Breakup Is So Like Me) 256
23 Lee Ssang (-3) TV를 껐네 (Turn Off The TV) 222
24 Byul (new) 웃어도 웃어도 (Even If I Laugh and Laugh) 209
25 Lee Jung (new) 사랑에 미쳐본다 (Crazy In Love) 208
26 Kim Bo Kyung (-13) 아파 (Hurts) 203
27 T-Ara (-8) 롤리 폴리 (Roly Poly) 196
28 JYJ (-3) In Heaven 188
29 Jewelry S (-2) 됐지 뭐 (Forget It) 184
30 CS Numbers (-7) 가슴으로 운다 (Cry With the Heart) 173
31 Noblesse (new) 너로 시작해 너로 끝났던 날들… (Days Where I Began And Ended With You… (feat. Jung Se Young)) 172
32 Verbal Jint (-10) 좋아보여 (You Look Happy (feat. Black Skirts)) 159
33 Yang Yo Sub (Beast) (-9) 안돼 (Can’t) 158
34 8Eight (new) 썸데이 …그리고 (Somday…And) 151
35 Boy Friend (new) 내 여자 손대지 마 (Don’t Touch My Girl) 146
36 SG Wannabe (-19) 사랑법 (Way To Love) 142
37 Haha (+2) Rosa 133
38 2NE1 (-10) Ugly 119
39 Kim Ji Soo (new) 가을이 오네요 (Fall Is Coming) 113
40 Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) (-10) Marry Me 96
41 Pia (+4) Yes You Are 90
42 Park Wan Gyu (+2) 하루애 (One Day Of Love) 89
43 Deli Spice (new) 슬픔이여 안녕 (Goodbye Sorrow) 82
44 Fatcat (-4) 내 사랑 싸가지 (My Love Bad Boy) 80
45 Kim Jo Han (-11) 그대 나만큼은 (You As Much As Me) 74
46 Dal★shabet (-14) 블링 블링 (Bling Bling) 72
47 Miss A (-16) Goodbye Baby 69
48 Lyn & Na Yoon Kwon (-22) CHU! POP! CHU! 61
49 Can (–) 내 사랑 간장게장 (My Love Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce) 59
50 Jung Seung Won (new) Stay The Night 51




Kim Gun Mo – 짱가 (Jjang Ga)
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi image
Album: Kim Gun Mo Vol. 7 (2001) Track 4
Watch: Live Performance
Comment: With his return to the top 10 this week, it is fitting to feature a Kim Gun Mo song in this segment.  Known as the king of k-pop and well respected in the industry, Kim debuted way back in 1992 with his first album. While most of the popular male artists are boy bands now, back in the days soloists played a much larger role.  Kim Gun Mo together with Jo Sung Mo, Yoo Seung Jun, and Lim Chang Jung were the dominant male soloists in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Almost all of their album title songs went to No. 1, not to mention that they sold millions of copies of their albums, which is unheard of today. In fact, when Kim Gun Mo released his 7th album “Another Day” in the summer of 2001, he made a confident statement that he would retire if the album did not sell over one million copies.  Within two weeks, the album had sold over 1.5 million copies.  In those days, many singers performed only one genre of music they were best with, either dance style or ballad style. Kim Gun Mo was one of the few who performed both up-tempo and slow tempo songs. “Jjang Ga” is an up-tempo song and the title song of his 7th album. Kim Gun Mo’s fun and humorous stage performance of this song is still remembered by many fans.


About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings.  It takes into account not only sales and rankings by various other charts in Korea, but also airplays of each song, the number of live performances and appearances, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop.  Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
GAON Music Chart – 15%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Naver, Monkey3, Daum, Cyworld, Soribada) – 15%
ChartKorea – 5%  
Hottracks Weekly Album Sales (1 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS (Inky Gayo Take 7 + SBS Miil weekly rankings) – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
MNet M!Countdown – 5%

Gasoo appearance  on gayo shows  (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, M!Countdown) – 10%

Thanks to Mardi09 for helping on this week’s internet chart research and motoway065 for song title translations.

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