Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls Pose to Commemorate First Place

The Brown Eyed Girls and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon have revealed comical pictures that they took. 

On October 16, Jo Kwon posted on his Twitter, “Picture to commemorate the Brown Eyed Girls’s 1st place win on Inkigayo! Before I debuted I was I big fan of theirs since way back when. I’ve become even a bigger fan these days” along with a picture. 

In these pictures Jo Kwon and the girls are posing with each of their own personalities in the waiting room. JeA is sitting in front with a surprised expression, Narsha is squatting making a one with her finger, and Miryo is striking a pose next to Jo Kwon. The way Ga In is glaring at Jo Kwon who is smirking due to the fact that he’s surrounded by the other girls in a second picture has produced laughter from fans. 

“BEG congrats for your win,” “I bet Jo Kwon likes that,” “It’s good to see BEG and Jo Kwon being close,” were some of the comments left by netizens. 

Brown Eyed Girls won first place on SBS Inkigayo this day with their new song “Sixth Sense” and went home with the Mutizen Award.