BEAST Celebrates Two-Year Anniversay with a Thank You Video

BEAST celebrated its two-year anniversary with a special thank you video for their fans. On October 16, 2011, BEAST published a special video on their fan cafe with the title “To our fans.” 

In the video Junhyung says, “For the occasion I even cut my hair. Thank you for all your support.” Kikwang warns the fans, “Do not cheat on us!” Dongwoon also commented, “To our Beauty (BEAST offical fanclub), thank you for making all our dreams come true. We will live always remembering all you have done for us and with a thankful heart.”

On October 15 the group was honored at the Asia Song Festival in the Daegu Stadium being named “The Best Asia Singer Awards”. Regarding the prize Yoseob commented, “We are so glad to receive this award on the same day we had our showcases two years ago.” 

Also the official BEAST fanclub prepared a surprise event to celebrate this anniversay at the Daegu festival. When the song “Shock” started, the fans held up the glowing sticks to make the word “BEAST” appear in the dark. BEAST members said, “We almost cried. It was hard to keep performing while trying not to burst into tears. We do not know how to pay them back after this huge gift and emotions.” 

BEAST debuted on October 16, 2009, with a performance of “Bad Girl.” During these two years, BEAST released hit tracks such as “Shock”, “Breath“, “Beautiful” and “Fiction“. BEAST is considered the boy group to keep an eye on in Asia, South America and Europe as well.