SNSD Enters Into Top 100 on iTunes

SNSD‘s third album “The Boys” has been released worldwide through iTunes. Their Korean album has the typical 13 songs but their worldwide release of “The Boys” is a single. In Korea, SNSD is currently enjoying the all-kill status. In many music sites, SNSD’s entire album took spots in the top 15.

Then how about America, Europe, and South America? On iTunes, SNSD’s “The Boys” took the 74th spot on the single chart and the 31st spot on the pop genre chart. SNSD’s single album was featured on iTunes’ main showcase and immediately took the 354th place and in six hours, they entered the top 100. In the Canadian single chart, they took the 42nd spot and the 22nd spot on the pop genre chart.

In France, SNSD holds the 120th spot in the iTunes singles chart. In England, SNSD is ranked 153rd in the iTunes singles chart and 47th in the Finland singles chart. They are 22nd in the Sweden singles chart and 13th in the pop genre chart. SNSD’s single holds the highest rank in the Northern European countries. Reactions in Japan is similar to that of Korea. Currently, “The Boys” is 2nd on the Japanese iTunes singles chart and 79th on the Australian chart.

SNSD has transformed into a worldwide group through their iTunes release. They have entered the Top 100 in many countries. After the release, their rank is gradually increasing even though they haven’t even officially started their activities yet. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on their ranks in all the different countries as they start their activities. 

US iTunes Top 100 Chart