Japan's Netizens: "SNSD's New Song 'The Boys' Is Plagiarized"

SNSD‘s new song “The Boys” is plagiarized!?” 

According to some Japanese netizens, the answer is “Yes.” While SNSD’s new single is an “All-Kill,” for some anti-Korea fans in Japan the song is a rip off of a Japanese song. 

In one anonymous online Japanese community called 2CH (Two Channel), many netizens started arguing if the song was plagiarized or not one hour after the song was out. According to this community, “The Boys” is very similar to a song from the OST of the Anime Movie “Macross Frontier.” The song title is “Pink Monsoon,” sung by May’n

If you listen to the song carefully, the style can sound similar. However, if you listen to the whole song they are completely different. The non-2CH netizens from Japan said, “At first, you could think that there are similarities, it is not the same song.”

According to the SNSD’s fans, “It is not possible to talk about plagiarism. This song is by Teddy Riley, a famous American producer, how can you say that Riley stole from ‘Pink Monsoon?'”The Korean netizens commented, “It is clear that the Japanese seem tired of the Hallyu stars, but they exagerated with the plagiarism story.” 

Japanese anti-Korean fans’ accusation provoked SNSD’s fans in Japan and Korea as well, and they responded by attacking anti-Korean blogs. 

You can listen “Pink Monsoon” here:

Here is”The Boys”:

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