Song Joong Ki States That Han Ye Seul Is the Most Beautiful Actress in Korea

Song Joong Ki, well known for his roles in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “My Precious You,” recently stated that Han Ye Seul is the actress with the most beautiful face in Korea.

On the morning of October 19 at Apgujeong Dong CGV’s Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki attended the “Many a Little Romance” press conference.

The romantic love comedy movie “Many a Little Romance” is about a poor unemployed young man “Chun Ji Oong,” played by Song Joong Ki, and the tenacious tightwad “Goo Hong Shil,” played by Han Ye Seul. The movie’s plot is about the two of them coming together and learning money-earning know-how. 

“Many a Little Romance“ is Song Joong Ki’s first film. His character Ji Oong failed business multiple times and ran out of allowance money from his mother. He cannot even date because he doesn’t have 5 cents to spare.

Song Joong Ki stated, “I’m a poor unemployed guy in the movie. I have absolutely no money, but I am full of myself and I bluff a lot!” 

When he was confronted with the question, “Have you ever had any romantic feelings for anybody on the staff?” he answered, “The real Han Ye Seul had a tender personality, so I thought she was cute.”

When he was asked “Have you ever had a similar situation to Ji Oong?” he said, “That is why this part is a challenge. I’m supposed to be acting out a 20 year old unemployed man, but I started working early so it was pretty difficult. I was almost always portrayed as a rich and spoiled scion, but this role was kind of burdening and difficult. I was luckier than my fellow actors, but I was rejected from a lot of auditions and was hurt.”

After “Will it Snow for Christmas?” he said “During the drama, I never ran in to Han Ye Seul. I was a new actor, so I was really excited to see her. I think she’s the most beautiful actress in Korea. I get the butterflies just thinking about acting with her. I keep thinking to myself, ‘Song Joong Ki, you grew up a lot!’”

After that, Han Ye Seul said, “I never knew that he thought of me like that! I’m so happy and I feel proud of him.”

The movie “Many a Little Romance” will be released in theaters in Korea on November 10. 

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