Nichkhun and Suzy Pose Together for EDWIN

It’s getting colder, and 2PM‘s Nichkhun and miss A are ahead of the game, already modeling for winter clothing. This picture of Nichkhun and miss A’s Suzy has gained attention for their extraordinarily good looks and portrayal of the brand’s concept.

Nichkhun and miss A, who are current models for clothes brand EDWIN have shown off the “new urban style” and the “new look” successfully through modeling for EDWIN clothing. 

This photo shoot’s concept was one of youth and energy. Smiling brightly, Nichkhun and Suzy topped it off flawlessly with an expression of their own individualities.

Even though both parties are currently busy with overseas schedules and activities, everyone smiled and had a good time throughout the photo shoot. Nichkhun and Suzy all had poses and attitudes that rivaled any professional model making each and every picture sophisticated.