2NE1 Unveils MV Preview of Japanese “Go Away,” Gives Short Interview

2NE1 appeared on Japanese TV to unveil brief footage of their “Go Away” Japanese music video and talk about their filming experience. For the Japanese version of “Go Away,” 2NE1 recorded an entirely new music video with a much brighter color scheme and fancier outfits.

2NE1’s Japanese single, “Go Away,” will be released on Nov. 16 in three different versions. Two of the versions will include DVDs, with one containing the MV’s behind-the-scene footage and the other highlights of “2NE1 TV.”

During the show, 2NE1 also gave a short, one-minute interview.



Here’s the full translation (starts at the 1:04 mark):

Bom: It rained so much. I got completely soaked in the rain.

Minzy: Is that your painting?

CL: Yes.

Minzy: Which one?

CL: The one hanging on the door. That one.

Dara: Oh, Dadoong, so cute! I brought Dadoong to the MV set, but he was so afraid of everything, and hid under the couch, where the lights were. So I had to climb under the couch and bring it out to film the scene. He’s the “NG King.”

CL: The last scene (was the toughest). Because we had to film everything so quickly, we had to stay up all night. We started filming from the early morning of the day before and that scene was finished in the afternoon of the next day.

Bom: It was the first time I felt tired (at the MV set) from lack of sleep.

Together: Check out 2NE1’s new music video! Bye bye!


Video source: @MrSarangJpop1

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