Brown Eyed Girls' "Sixth Sense" Digital Sales Revenue Beats "Abracadabra"

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls has “won over” their own famed song “Abracadabra.”

Brown Eyed Girls broke the jinx of going down a slump after a “big hit” as “Sixth Sense,” the title song from their fourth album received higher digital sales revenue than “Abracadabra.” This was shocking and pleasant news to the group after their two year comeback.

An official for Brown Eyed Girls revealed on OSEN, “After formally calculating the digital sales revenue, ‘Sixth Sense’s’ sales revenue was higher by 1.5 compared to the popular song “Abracadabra” from two years ago. Although the dance from “Abracadabra” was very sensational, it seems like “Sixth Sense” appealed as a music than a dance trend.”

“Abracadabra” helped Brown Eyed Girls become distinguished as a girl group and their recent comeback stirred up curiosity whether their new song would beat “Abracadabra’s” popularity. The members stated, “ We are really thankful for the song ‘Abracadabra’ but we also had a hard time looking for the next step that can be better than it.”

Fortunately, Brown Eyed Girls saw success after “Sixth Sense” easily received higher digital sales revenue. They were complimented for boldly challenged on a new musical style and focusing on their vocal abilities.

It was announced on September 23 that “Sixth Sense” earned first place on the music chart and succeeding the “perfect all kill.” For the girl group the song was a big scale that dealt with society related messages. After their live comeback stage the part where a high note is sung was nicknamed the “dolphin treble” and became the topic of conversation. Brown Eyed Girls’ charismatic performance was also noted for being greater than ever. They also were first place on SBS Inkigayo and Mnet M! Count Down.

The official also stated, “As the domestic (South Korea) music programs were viewed internationally we got many love calls from there too. Event schedules from America, Philippians, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan are explosively coming in. Additionally, guarantees have increased by more than two times.”

Leader Jea expressed, “I did not have big expectations on chart ranking since the song was pretty hard. But when I heard that the digital sales revenue was higher than “Abracadabra” I was very happy.”

Brown Eyed Girls will be finishing their “Sixth Sense” performances on SBS Inkigayo on October 23.

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