Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Nicknamed "Miss Zero Votes"

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ leader Jea received humiliation from getting zero votes.

On KBS2 “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret,” Brown Eyed Girls appeared as guests. The program had the male celebrities vote for one of the girl members based on their first impression.

Sangchu voted for Narsha, whom he had a scandal with, and Shorry J voted for Ga In, whom he had an arranged blind date with in the past.

Kim Jong Min voted for Miryo because “she seems to have a strong vitality and sharp knowledge.” Heo Kyoung Hwan and Yang Bae Chu voted Miryo instead of Jea after the rapper acknowledged that she owns some of the copyrights from Brown Eyed Girls’ songs.

Unfortunately Jea was nicknamed as the “Miss Zero Votes” and brought laughter to the set when she huffed out, “I have more ownership of the copyrights! I never get selected on voting corners, so I hate these kinds of programs.”