New Concept for SNSD: Did It Work?

SNSD made their comeback with their 3rd album “The Boys.” Did the new look and concept for the girl group work? 

SNSD is known for three trademarks: catchy hooks, synchronized dance moves, and their cutesy lyrics. Their catchy hooks have ears addicted, dance moves steal the spot light, and the lyrics cast fans into their spell. 

This SNSD that everyone has come to love and know came back with a whole new look and sound. They have put aside their signature characteristics. Rap has replaced sweet hooks, and more individualistic dancing has taken over. There are now nine girls in nine different colors on stage, and they have thrown away the word “oppa” from their songs.

Some may feel distanced from the group through this sudden change. However, through their comeback stage, what would have felt like unfamiliarity quickly switched to a new freshness! They took the opportunity to expand their charms to a beautiful spectrum of nine.

Now let’s take a closer look at their change!

Forget about the old SNSD. 

Through songs such as “Into the World,” “Gee,” and “Oh,” the girls gained a lot of love and attention through a repeating and dangerously addictive chorus. But their style of song has changed through “The Boys.” The hook has disappeared, and they rap for the first time since their debut. The beat to the rap is one that leaves a strong, charismatic impression!

Their dancing has changed as well. Their once-synchronized dancing have transformed to big, powerful movements that require the whole body to move. The climax is the icing on the cake for this song’s dance — the move where they get down and extend their long legs make a big impact. 

The clothing style makes it seem like there are nine different SNSD’s on stage. They ditched their identical uniforms, and mixed different trends for Fall 2011. Military jackets, mannish capes, and western style bodices are some of the styles they mix in. 

Nine member SNSD has come. 

The SNSD of the past was uniform and synchronized to emphasize a feeling unity and being of one solid group. But now they are emphasizing that they are a nine member group. Each member has her unique charms and roles. This powerful, 180 degree change has allowed each member to show off her own energy and command of the stage.

Having been the cute maknae, Seo Hyun has changed into a powerful beauty. YoonA, who was well known for her innocence, has been grabbing the attention of many through her now dark charm. 

The dance and image change have been accompanied with vocal composition changes as well. Tae Yeon, Seo Hyun and Jessica offer their fresh vocals and while Soo Young, Yuri and Hyo Yeon‘s rap leave no room for the song to get boring or repetitive. 

Unfamiliarity makes it fresh.  

If something is different from what is usually expected, it will feel unfamiliar and stranger-like. In this sense, SNSD’s album can be described as so. Absolutely everything in the package came with a different tune and style. The sudden change from the norm made it all more surprising and may have caught fans off guard. 

Of all of the albums released, “The Boys” is by far most representative of the girls. SNSD was the forerunner and model for the future girl groups with their catchy tunes and uniformed outfits. Changing trends is an indispensable quality of theirs. Although unique and unfamiliar, their unprecedented changes are their foundation that will lead them to success beyond the boundaries of Asia.  

The girls have stated, “There was a bit of pressure and uncertainty with the big change, but we also dreamed of a new image. We wanted to show the cool relaxed side of us.” 

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