Yoo Ah In’s “Punch” Brings In Nearly 500,000 Viewers in Just Three Days

We reported earlier that Yoo Ah In’s latest movie “Punch” was highly anticipated after earning rave reviews prior to its Oct. 20 opening. Now just three days after its opening, it seems that the movie is on its way to being a huge hit.

“Punch” stars Kim Yoon Seok (The Chaser) as the strange teacher, Dong Joo, who takes it upon himself to intervene in the life of Yoo Ah In’s character, Wandeuki, a high school delinquent. Starring both the acclaimed actor from “The Chaser” and one of the hottest rising actors in the industry, the movie was already anticipated by fans everywhere by just the names alone. The movie’s appeal is in more than its cast, however, as it also tells a heartwarming story with a comedic touch that can draw in viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Here is the trailer for the movie:



The film has been in the theaters for three days, drawing in a total of 417,148 viewers by October 22. It drew in 200,942 viewers alone on Saturday. “Punch” is in second place for viewer count for this week, after the U.S. movie, “Real Steel,” with 203,474 viewers (total 1,320,115). So Ji Sub’s “Only You,” which also opened this weekend, rounds out the top three with 114,441 viewers (total 278,868) watching the movie.