Gong Yoo Denies Rumors of Secret Wedding with Lim Soo Jung

Actor Gong Yoo revealed his official stance on the rumors of a secret wedding with actress Lim Soo Jung.

On October 24, representatives from Gong Yoo’s management said, “Recently, there has been rumors about Gong Yoo and Lim Soo Jung’s secret wedding floating around in Internet community sites and social network sites. We want to clarify that the rumors are ungrounded and false.”

Gong Yoo’s reps continued to say, “It is really unfortunate for our company and for Gong Yoo as an actor that all of these groundless fabrications are continuously becoming an issue.”

They continue, “Gong Yoo has been incredibly busy from shooting ‘Finding Mr. Destiny‘ and immediately afterwards ‘Crucible.’ He is still busy from the ‘Crucible’ promotions. Currently, Gong Yoo is preparing on a big-scale fan meeting in Japan, which will be held in December. He is concentrating very hard on his activities.”

Gong Yoo’s agency is even planning to take legal actions against the community sites and it’s users who posted these false rumors. 

Lastly, they said, “We are extremely worried that Gong Yoo’s activities and image will be tainted due to these false rumors. Since Gong Yoo is going through a very hard time because of these rumors, it would be greatly appreciated if there were no more speculations or further expansions of these rumors. We will try our hardest to give you good news in the future.”