2NE1’s Sandara Park in a Scarf Knit by Minzy

2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed the gift she received from fellow member Minzy. On October 26 she wrote on her me2day, “Our youngest Mingkki (Cute way of saying Minzy) made it herself! She knit the scarf~! I think I will be very warm this winter! +.+ What can’t our Mingkki do?”

As shown in the picture, Sandara Park is wearing the red scarf Minzy made her around her head.

Sandara also wrote on her me2day, “Kya~! Did you see the dance video posted by Mingkki? I already knew that she was great, but I was amazed by her clip! Power Mingkki!+_+ Whose little sister? My little sister~! Hee~!^0^.”

Netizens wrote, “This is why I love 2NE1,” “Did you get a birthday present? Both you and the scarf are so pretty,” “You will have a warm winter! I am envious.” 

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